Sketching Series

I stopped working on the art for a graphic novel because drawing people intimidated me. So I've started a sketching project that's been a lot of fun. 

I'm using Andrew Loomis's Figure Drawing for All It's Worth as a guide. I'm sorry this gentleman isn't around--he must have been a good teacher, given how clear his book is. I'm looking forward to getting his other book, too. But for now I'm going to focus on the figure. 

Below is the first sketch I tried from the book. The idea is to sketch the figure in motion. I've done several of these sketches, and it's gone about like I figured: The first sketch is accurate, and the subsequent ones... not quite up there. It seems I have beginner's luck. 

I've also done a few sketches from my imagination (they're available on my Art & Photography Facebook page and Blogger). I'll post them, but it will most likely be in groups.